NAAC Criteria

3.1 : Promotion of Research and Facilities
3.1.1 : The institution’s Research facilities are frequently updated and there is a well defined policy for promotion of research which is uploaded on the institutional website and implemented
3.1.2 : The institution provides seed money to its teachers for research
3.1.3 : Percentage of teachers receiving national/ international fellowship/financial support by various agencies for advanced studies/ research during the last five years
3.1.5 : Institution has the following facilities to support research
3.2 : Resource Mobilization for Research
3.2.1 : Extramural funding for Research
3.2.2 : Grants for research projects sponsored by government agencies
3.2.3 : Number of research projects per teacher funded by government and non-government agencies
3.3 : Innovation Ecosystem
3.3.1 : Institution has created an ecosystem for innovations, including Incubation centre and other initiatives for the creation and transfer of knowledge
3.3.2 : Number of workshops/seminars conducted on Research methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Entrepreneurship, Skill development
3.3.3 : Number of awards / recognitions received for research/innovations by the institution/teachers/research scholars/students
3.4 : Research Publications and Awards
3.4.1 : The institution ensures implementation of its stated Code of Ethics for research
3.4.2 : The institution provides incentives to teachers who receive state, national and international recognitions/awards
3.4.3 : Number of Patents published/awarded during the last five years
3.4.4 : Number of Ph.Ds awarded per teacher during the last five years
3.4.5 : Number of research papers published per teacher in the Journals as notified on UGC website during the last five years
3.4.6 : Number of books and chapters in edited volumes published per teacher during the last five years
3.4.7 : E-content is developed by teachers
3.4.8 : Bibliometrics of the publications during the last five years based on average Citation Index in Scopus/ Web of Science/PubMed
3.4.9 : Bibliometrics of the publications during the last five years based on Scopus/ Web of Science – h-Index of the University
3.5 : Consultancy
3.5.1 : Institution has a policy for consultancy including revenue sharing between the institution and the individual and encourages its faculty to undertake consultancy
3.5.2 : Revenue generated from consultancy and corporate training
3.6 : Extension Activities
3.6.1 : Extension activities in the neighborhood community in terms of impact and sensitizing the students to social issues and holistic development
3.6.2 : Number of awards received by the Institution, its teachers and students from Government /Government-recognised bodies in recognition of the extension activities
3.6.3 : Number of extension and outreach programs conducted by the institution including those through NSS/NCC/Red cross/YRC during the last five years
3.6.4 : Average percentage of students participating in extension activities listed at 3.6.3
3.7 : Collaboration
3.7.1 : Number of collaborative activities with other institutions/ research establishment/industry for research and academic development
3.7.2 : Number of functional MoUs with institutions/ industries in India and abroad for internship, on-the-job training, project work, student / faculty exchange and collaborative research

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