Chandrakanti Ramavati Devi Arya Mahila PG College was established in the year 1990 with the objective of girls education. This college is committed to nurture values along with education among the girls. The continuous development of girls is the identity of the college with cultural prosperity. This college has its own identity in the field of women education, equipped with sports, NCC, NSS, Rovers Rangers, advanced education and clean environment, ICT lab etc. The founder of this college, Dr. Ramraksh Pandey (Guruji), along with all of us, laid the foundation of this college with the aim of strengthening women education in this area. For the last 35 years, this college is continuously setting new records in the field of women education. Here girls are progressing in every field along with studying and writing. Along with this, they are blossoming with values. Daughters create an era, they are the link between two families where they leave their mark of values and keep their distinct identity and nourish the new generation with these values. This college is committed to girl education and their best all-round development and is also constantly working in this field. In the times to come, this college will keep making us all proud, my best wishes are always with the college.

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